HI-96785 Medus krāsas testeris.
AKCIJA: 320 EUR + PVN = 387,20 EUR
Parastā cena: 360 Eur + PVN = 435,60 EUR

Portable honey colour grade analyser
The HI-96785 portable analyser is for the determination of honey colour. Hanna's portable photometers feature an advanced optical system; the combination of a special tungsten lamp, a narrow band interference filter, and silicon photodetector ensure accurate photometric readings every time. The exclusive cuvette locking system ensures that the cuvette is inserted into the measurement cell in the same position every time to maintain a consistent 10mm path length.

Calibrates 100% transmittance with a glycerol standard
Auto-shut off
Digital colour analysis of honey from 0-150 mm Pfund


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Medus krāsas testerisMedus krāsas testeris